110%FIT     Don't Just Do It / Do It Right 

         Michael McAdams (MAC)

              110% FIT

              Personal Trainer

                        U.S. Navy Seal 20yrs (Ret.)

                      Health & Fitness since 1977


Training Belief - You are never to old to start or improve your status. 110% Fit was conceived to create a motivational environment allowing you the ABILITY to do more than you thought you could.  The OPPORTUNITY to have more control over your physical status. The IDEA to think outside the box and have fun doing it. 

               I specialize in people who just want to get their life back without having to train for a professional weightlifting career .  A good full body workout without the high impact jumping around that only adds pain to the joints.

 I bring a high level of energy and a keen sense of what individuals need in a program. I am a complete package; licensed, bonded insured and all the proper documents to cover a full screening and assessment.  With my background & skills, I am a unique asset to create your personal training program.
               Having overcome numerous injuries and surgeries in my career, I created a system that can be adapted to fit most needs. My system will teach you how to eventually do it on your own and become independent. There are no magic pills/creams/potions/or spells, just good old work and Doing It Right.

    My motto is

                “Don’t Just Do It, Do It Right”


Credentials                                                                              Specialties      

ACE Certified Personal Trainer                                              Training programs for all ages (youths)

CPR/AED/First Aid                                                                    "30yrs+ W/Injuries and Conditions"

Registered Veterinary Technician                                         Endurance/Cardio Programs              

Associates of Science Mesa College                                      Event/Hobby Training





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How dose it all start
First; we meet to discuss your needs and talk about the program that is right for you.
Second; we will need to fill out some paperwork
Third; conduct an assessment test
Last; come to an agreement
The entire process takes approximately 2 hours, you may stop at any time and gather your thoughts, take a copy of the paperwork with you to review and continue at a later date.
This is an investment in your future I want you to be completely informed and satisfied with what is going to happen.

"What do you get"
Customized workout plan that fits your specific needs and schedule
Weekly updates
weekly and monthly goal setting
Email / Phone / video access to questions
Constant monitoring to modified and improve your program 

Why my training method
As we get older our main concerns shift from young & nothing affects us, to:
1) Memory and mental status (stress)
2) Balance and coordination (stability)
3) Strength and endurance (capacity)
I use a cardio / endurance system, that incorporates an aerobic / calisthenics routine, to achieve a good Range of Motion (ROM) in a controlled environment.  This helps to handle the everyday pains from our acquired ailments and age in life.  I use three simple pieces of equipment, Jump Rope, Light hand weights  (1 to 2,5lbs) and a light resistance band.  its easy to do, easy to understand, and can go anywhere anytime.
This method is called
Low Impact Training Exercise
"LITE" Workout Plan

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